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Five days hiking along one of the most exciting trek of the Alps, around the towering granite walls of Pizzo Badile and Monte Disgrazia. We will connect all refuges of Val Masino, from Rifugio Omio to Rifugio Ponti.
Wide valley traverses, steep saddle climbs and terrific panoramas are the hallmarks of this charming and famous route.

1 day: Bagni di Masino 1172 m - Rifugio Omio 2100 m (3 hours)
2 day: Rif. Omio 2100 m - Rif. Gianetti 2534 m with the possible climb to P.ta Torelli 3137 m (3.30 + 2 hours)
3 day: Rif. Gianetti 2534 m - Rif. Allievi-Bonacossa 2385 m (6-7 hours)
4 day: Rif. Allievi-Bonacossa 2385 m - Rif. Ponti 2559 m (7-8 hours)
5 day: Rif. Ponti 2559 m - Rif. Desio 2836 m - Scermendone and return to Val Masino (6-7 hours)

Individual equipment: trekking equipment, head lamp, helmet, harness with longe
Difficulty: for trained trekkers
Price: 580 per person including mountain guide and half boards (4 nights, excluding drinks)

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