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:::    Ski Mountaineering Courses    :::

The courses are aimed at those who want to start skiing away from the beaten track to discover the charm of the mountain in winter and joy of sliding on snow-white slopes without a trace. During the trips are being developed all the basic techniques of progression uphill and downhill snow joke and are dealt with all issues related to security against avalanches. The difficulty of the outputs is proportional to the capacity of the participants and in any case within the reach of all those who have a minimum basic physical preparation and a good downhill technique on groomed trails.
The self-rescue material: avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe is provided at registration (if you don't own it).

:::    Custom Ski Mountaineering Courses    :::

There is the possibility of individual courses or educational tours for specific subjects such as technical downhill in deep snow, avalanche self rescue, choice of track , etc...
Number of participants: 2 people per mountain guide.

:::    Ski Touring trips    :::

Ski tours conducted in safety from Mountain Guide. All weekends and weekdays on request, up to late spring; from winter excursions outside the door to large haute-route (Chamonix-Zermatt, Bernina, Ortles-Cevedale). Equipment needed: full ski mountaineering equipment (skis, skins, boots, poles); self-rescue equipment (transceiver, shovel, probe); appropriate clothing. The self-rescue equipment is eventually provided by the organization. Any mountaineering equipment (ice ax, crampons, harness) is indicated for the excursions that need it, at the time of enrollment. The costs of transport, lifts and shelter are borne by the participants.
All the participants also supports any charges for shelters and facilities supported by the mountain guide

:::    Free ride    :::

Alagna is one of the location 'top' in the Alps The aim is to have fun 'grinding' in two days several thousand meters free-riding and / or take more confidence with deep, fresh snow. To improve, if you need it, we will follow an approach 'soft', with games, tips, tricks and techniques to become good. Equipment: downhill or cross-country ski, self-rescue equipment (eventually provided by the organization), waterproof clothing! The only limitation: there must be so much, beautiful snow!

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