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:::    The best climbs in high Val Masino    :::

For those who have dreamt of climbing on the most important routes in the history of mountaineering connected with the names of Cassin, Bonatti, Gervasutti, Vinci and so on, it is an opportunity of making your dream come true with a professionist who will show you the secrets of these big walls.
Period: June - end of September
Partecipants : 1-2 people each mountain guide

Super classics
Pizzo Badile - regular route (italian side) € 500
Pizzo Badile - nord ridge (swiss side) € 700
Pizzo Cengalo - regular route € 470
Cima di Castello - regular route € 470
Monte Disgrazia - regular route € 500

The great climbs
Pizzo Badile - Cassin route Price to be agreed on € 900
Pizzo Cengalo - Vinci Ridge € 600
Picco Luigi Amedeo - Taldo-Nusdeo route Price to be agreed on € 850
Punta Allievi - Gervasutti route € 600

Note: these prices refer to a person and only for the guiding cost (huts excluded). For a second climber calculate the surcharge of 20%

:::    The pearls of the valley    :::

Everyone who loves climbing has heard about the great routes opened in the 70s and 80s by the local climber, here called "sassisti", such as: Il risveglio di Kundalini, Luna nascente, Oceano Irrazionale.
These elegant climbing routes, still wrapped in a halo of legend, offer a real adventurous opportunity: reach the walls walking along short paths in the shadow of enormous beeches, following perfect cracks, passing over smooth granite plaques, finding sparkling crystals and "black mushrooms", reaching those ledges of luxuriant vegetation that, like real hanging gardens, are far from the world of men.

Period: May - October
Partecipants : 1-2 people each mountain guide

Precipizio degli asteroidi: Oceano irrazionale. Price to be agreed on. € 500
Scoglio delle metamorfosi: Luna nascente. € 350
Scoglio delle metamorfosi: Polimagς. € 400
Dimore degli dei: Risveglio di Kundalini € 300

:::    Modern climbs in the Alps    :::

The right compromise between difficulty, beauty, exposition and verticality in an ideal trip through the mountains of the Alps.
Period: May - October
Partecipants : 1-2 people each mountain guide

Mont Maudit, Grand Capucin: Swiss route. Price to be agreed on.
Val Masino, Qualido: Artemisia. Price to be agreed on.
Val Masino, Precipizio degli asteroidi: Anche per oggi non si vola. Price to be agreed on.
Grigne, Sasso Cavallo: Dieci piani di morbidezza. Price to be agreed on.
Dolomiti, Marmolada di Rocca: Moderne Zeiten. Price to be agreed on.

:::    Rock climbing course in Val di Mello    :::

The Rock climbing courses we have been organizing for years in the marvellous setting of Val Masino - Val di Mello are for giving the partecipants the right information about rock climbing techniques and safety techniques.
We believe that the surrounding landscape is essential for the climber. So the marvellous setting of Val Masino provides both physical activity and emotional experience in a natural context of relation and well-being. In short, here you can learn and enjoy yourself at the same time!
We will climb from 3 to 300 metres, from boulders to granite big walls following the routes of the rock masters, here called "sassisti". We will highlight safety manouvres and teach the partecipants, in an easy way, how to move on the rock face and master the right basics for technical improvment.
Basic courses and specialization courses.
Tailor-made courses for young people.
Equipment: climbing shoes, harness, helmet
Period: 24 - 27 september 2020 (4 full days, basic and specialization course)
Partecipants : 4 people each mountain guide
Price: € 490 per person including 3 half board at Rifugio Luna Nascente, the teaching of the mountain guide, all the equipment you need free of charge

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